A Henry Miller Resource Guide

The purpose of this guide is to give an overview of Henry Miller related material on the World Wide Web. There are two reasons for this: first, my teacher told me to make a resource guide for the WWW, and so I have done.

Second, I chose to make it on Henry Miller, as he is a brilliant writer, who has been much overlooked of late. Why he has been overlooked, I cannot say. It might be because he was politically incorrect in his time. Alternatively, because he wrote somewhat pornographic books. Because he lived too much? Loved chaos too much? Nevertheless, it is all these aspects of him, which makes his books so grand. His writing comes from his heart, sometimes black, aggressive and gloomily, sometimes ecstatically and alive - but always vividly.

I got to know Henry Miller through two sources: the American band Live - who mentions his name in a song - and the movie Cape Fear - where the Robert DeNiro encourages Juliette Lewis to read Sexus. Moreover, what did Henry Miller give me? I can say nothing but he introduced me to the World of Man, which I apparently did not know before. He also introduced me to his own favourite writers, amongst them Dostojevskij, Dante and Nietzsche.

There is no clearly defined group of users of these pages. If you are a novice to the world of Henry Miller you might learn something, or if you are quite familiar with his works, you might acquire a higher degree of insight on his life and works. You will not find any ratings, as I am not an expert on Miller, and therefore not able to distinguish between truths and half-truths about him. The pages listed in this resource guide are chosen if they made me wonder, learn or think.

Finally: I keep these pages in black and grey - for this there is a reason. I hope you understand me...

These pages were created May 2000

I will not promise any updates, but if you have an interesting link, send it to me, and I will get around it. Eventually.

Søren Noort Hansen